Master class Portrait of Dream is a unique opportunity to work with the subconscious using color and composition in order to find out one’s intentions and goals in life, and to realize them. The Master class helps to look inside yourself, express your thoughts and feelings through creativity. This is like a snapshot of your own Self. It’s coming face to face with yourself and helping yourself, discovering your creative potential, and changing with ease your today’s reality.

The basics of visual arts are akin to those, on which based psychology and process of harmonization of personality. Thus, the Master class becomes a powerful instrument of self-cognizance, self-awareness, and personal growth. It’s an amazing journey to one-self. We leave our dreams, intentions, hopes on a piece of paper using paints. We add to colors and forms enjoying creative freedom.

This Master class is for everyone, no matter if it’s a professional artist or the one who took up brushes for the first time. You will rediscover yourself and get a unique experience of communicating with yourself. During the Master class we will find our major intentions and problems, and will begin to solve them with the ease of an artist-improviser that lives in each of us. We paint harmony, and it stays with us. We recall a child-discoverer in ourselves, looking with trust at the world around us.

We work with different professional materials, get acquainted with improvisation in art, learn several methods working with paints, and create one or several sheets of paintings.

In the process, I come to each of you and explain the basics of painting. Color, spot, mass, tint, proportion, and combination of the whole.

With each new creation you will see your works become more harmonious and more professional. You will be able to paint at home and visualize your life as bright and happy.

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