Georgiy Kovalenko


Academic Kovalenko

Ekaterina Abramova is an interesting and original artist. Her paintings are the unique synthesis of plastic ideas of Russian icon and Kazimir Malevich’s suprematist system.

It is in this very synthesis that Ekaterina searches for her own style, her own singular way of painting. And it is important to note: in this search the artist is open to symbolic origines of many cultures — from slavic to oriental ones. They come into her art naturally enriching painting vocabulary and making it varying.

Formed long time ago, Ekaterina Abramova’s artistic principles let her with all earnestness take on such global subjects as Human and the Universe, underlying foundations of people’s relationships, symbolic predestination of each individual hero.

There are no incidental themes in Ekaterina’s art, as there are no superficial storylines in her paintings. In each at first glance individul situation the artist always descovers the hero’s or event’s involvement in the world around and interconnection with nature, people, eternity.

One must note that Ekaterina is a true master, an artist of high professionalism and Academic training — she graduated from St.-Petersburg Academy of Art (class of such a master as Eduard Kochergin). E. Kochergin, by the way, is a world famous scenic designer. That is why, one may think, besides everything else, there is always resounding presence of theatricality in Ekaterina’s paintings. And that is why Ekaterina presents many of her themes as grandiose mystery plays, where human being exists on a par with nature, the universe.

I am sure: Ekaterina Abramova is an amazing artist who found her own inimitable style, and most importantly — her own imagery system. Her works deserve very close attention.

I have been following her artistic growth for a long time and am immensely happy for her deserved success in Russia and other countries. I have no doubt: soon we will see her new discoveries and achievements. Ekaterina’s talent is at the very peak!