Workshop – Gold and Silver Stories

Draw your own Story/Symbol

Drawing Master class. For 3 hours each participant will draw his/her story full of symbols and images helping to realize their intentions and goals in life. We will create our personal amulet and will be able to use it in everyday life.
I will show you and explain primordial symbols from different cultures and cultures. You will learn a lot and immediately practice your new Knowledge. We will work with gold and silver inks on dark colored paper.
First will be a short visual meditation for you to help separate yourself from stress and negativity and concentrate on what you want improve in your life and create relaxing and trustful atmosphere for our inspiration.
Then we will take a look and understand meanings of some old symbols which I will introduce you. And after we will creat powerful tool for our daily life
– your own gold and silver story/symbol which will be with you and work for you as much as you believe in it.
Welcome to the world of symbols and self creating amulets.