Portrait of Dream

A Portrait of Your Dream

I started creating paintings that focus on particular tasks and help realize them. These paintings are intended to be wish-fulfilling. Whether you are dreaming of finding your love and opening up your heart to it, building up a healthy relationship, having children, setting up a successful business, regaining your health, or just of being happy, my painting will help you to fulfill your dream. Such a painting has a harmonizing effect on the subconscious. Since the time immemorial, color was used for curing physical and psychological disorders. Combined with visual metaphors and symbols, color produces a powerful effect on us in all aspects of our being.

You are the protagonist of the painting and are found within the field of your intentions and wishes. Color, visual metaphors and symbols provide you with confidence in your dream and its realization.

How does it work?

By communicating with and relating to the painting you create a powerful flow of interaction with your Dream, which in turn creates a powerful flow of focused intention aimed at manifesting your Dream in reality.

We start with discussing your intentions, dreams and wishes. In order to become aware of your goals and aspirations in life, we meet for a talk (it can also be a phone conversation, a call on Skype, or just an exchange of e-mail messages). After that I create a number of sketches and following your inner feelings you choose the one that resonates with you most. Then I start working on the picture.

Painting is a mighty instrument for making your aspirations, intentions and dreams come true.

I am getting many reports from people whose Dream Portraits are fulfilling their bravest dreams just the way they hoped.

The most important thing for me is to see joy, love and harmony filling your life. Your happiness is mine, and mine is yours.