Artworks 2021

“Royalty” Custom Art Hats

Life is always taking care of creative people and gives you ideas and inspiration from everywhere and every minute, we just need to tune with it. With gratitude to my friend Francys,I got inspired to decorate a hat for myself and then it went to my new art product.

I painted and decorated a hat that I wear and went to the shop where I sell my prints and other art products. The next day it was sold and of course next and next as well ☺️??!

You can feel how surprised I was and more importantly that I love to paint them so much! It’s like a circle canvas that I prefer to work with. I am quite tired of square form and edges and corners, circle form is more feminine and gives me more freedom to express myself as an artist.

My mom was sending me before many pins and decorations from Russia and now she is sending me my collection of different ornaments and handkerchiefs that I was using at the age of 117! Now I see things that I need for my hats everywhere! So many creative ideas and things to try!

I love the process and I love to paint on any surface possible and not possible ?❤️??!

So these are custom hats I do with symbols, colors, and intentions to manifest the energy and help you need in your life now. Are you wearing your crown ? your hat with powerful ancient symbols? If not, this is the time! You can do it yourself, just be creative or give it to me to paint on it and create the surrounding that will open the royalty within you!

Be creative!
Be unique!
Be different!
Follow your bliss!

Paintings (Summer 2021)

More Paintings (Fall 2021)