New Art! 2021

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He is charged by love and family relationship with respect and support to each other. Family can be by blood or by the same mindset and live experience. This Spirit is remaining us to being kind and generous with people around us. We are mirrors to each other and constantly learning from the school of life lessons which mostly are coming from people around us and situations we are creating together. The Family Guardian Spirit is here for calming us when we are in our emotional fire, opening our hearts, connecting us with nature and natural sources, connecting us with life eternity, self-respect, and love! This Spirit just reveals himself and will stay at home for some time, then He will have his own life in some other FAMILY where He will continue His mission on Earth. He is here to light and stimulates our energy of Love to help us with the Earth shift.


This painting I created to heal myself on all levels and all aspects. If it can heal me so it does for you. I think many of us now experiencing reprogramming in all our systems. In my life, it’s always on time and in perfect condition. This time sister Poison Ivy burned me alive and she stopped me from doing, nonstop doing for some time. She created the time for me where I understood how much I love and appreciate my family, my husband, and my kids. Without them, I couldn’t even drink water myself.  My arms were swollen and full of blisters. I understood how much everything is fragile and anything “stable” can change in one second. Sister Ivy is always coming when I didn’t control my power and my emotions, especially anger. So she is one of my beautiful teachers and she was giving her lessons on time and with love. She makes me stronger and when I came to absolute gratitude she starts giving me gifts. Introducing me to amazing people, showing me real heroes, and helping a lot in reprogramming myself together with giving me new skin. So this being said I want to explain to you a little bit of the symbols and meanings of this magic artwork. 

GODDESS OF UNITY is uniting all worlds and petals of the flower of life. The round form is so feminine and gives me the perfect feeling of complicity and fullness. So I just tried to make the already beautiful form and amazing wood carving frame a little bit more colorful and invite healing spirit to the new me and new Earth. So I did…You see here so many totem animals and shamanic symbols which I like a lot and I work with this energy as much as I can.Lions are symbols of human powers, self-confidence, and self-love. They begin to reveal the Goddess and they protect her, so me and you. Then the Moon represents the legs of the Goddess and women’s monthly cycle.Also, you can see the eye of Universal Harmony and balance yin and yang symbol. 

Snakes connecting everything here, representing wisdom, flexibility, and at the same time boundaries. They are connecting Goddess with her purpose of union and balance. In all ancient cultures, snakes are symbols of fertility and creativity. As snakes change their skin the same I did with the help of sister Ivy, they are symbols of rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing. You see the milk of life coming from the breasts of her fertility and generosity and we are constantly in contact with its spiritual and physical substance. She also revealed to us her pure blood that stands for a vessel of life. 

She has wings to fly and connect with the down world, our middle world, and our highest realms. The birds represent the knowledge from the outside and they are the perfect source of information, beauty, air element, and above perspectives. The Goddess holding the natural balance between everything and everyone. Her crown stands for royalty and sovereignty! The colors represent blue and gold – royalty in you, red – beginning of life and our life force, green – love, brown – mother Earth. 


A new painting that was born at the magic event at the Tribal Galaxy Wynwood Miami, One Heart One Sound. I was doing a live painting and I didn’t have any sketches or preparation, I wanted to be a pure channel for the Creator to create through me. 

I did the main composition and idea during the event and I continued working at home right after for several days and listening to a lot of lectures from Native Americans. It was so magical to see why painting has so and so symbols and what is the main msg here. And those lectures guided me and everything became clear. 

So here you see the main figure, she is playing on the drum and singing. The circle as a form of the painting is a very feminine symbol itself and the hero of the artwork is a woman as well.

She is grounded and wearing red clothes which are a representation of roots, Mather Earth, and Life. She is a creator, she creates sounds and frequency of Sacred Center.  On the drum, I painted this symbol – Sacred Center. This symbol is representing the core of life and the harmony with Earth and all relationships. This symbol and idea behind it should be protected and respected as the Native Hopi Tribe Chief said. 

The Goddess is creating a sound from this symbol and creating the galaxies around her. Many nations came around her and they bring the light with them, and she is holding this light alive. Her hair as clouds and waves covering and protecting the light and the people. Each of us is representation of our tribes even you don’t know much about your tribe.

Now is the time to get together by embracing the feminine and all our mothers and our women. Give the feminine respect and listen to its intuitive knowledge. Time to Unite and give love in all aspects of lives. 


Like a soul that has chosen to be in the feminine body in this life, I channel the feminine representation of the world’s creation. My dear goddess, sisters, mothers, daughters, all of us creating the world from our belly. 

I am the center of my universe! It’s the best place for me. 

From me, the threads are spreading and opening doors and windows to the worlds I want, and all dreams come true. I am like you, we are connected with our roots and they grounded us and give us the wisdom of ancestors. 

My hair is my antennas and connecting me with the highest power and Akashi Records – knowledge of the world. My guides, spirits, and angels are around me all the time and representing my inner team. 

I choose abundance, power within, health, and freedom! I am happy to be responsible for every day of my life, every experience I am creating. This is real freedom. 

I am eternity, I am who giving and receiving! My world is my creation and I am always protected and safe each minute of my life!


FAMILY GUARDIAN SPIRIT. Acrylic on canvas, 35×42” (89x105cm), July, 2021.


YOU ARE THE CREATOR OF YOUR REALITY. Acrylic and gold leaf, silver ink on canvas, diameter 36” (91cm), 2021.


GODDESS OF UNITY. Acrylic on plywood, wood carved frame 17,5” (44cm) diameter, July 2021.
Artist collection

SACRED CENTER. Acrylic and ink on plywood, diameter – 28” (71cm)