New Art! 2021

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#1 Mushroom Goddess!

Ancient Goddess has come and reveals herself on Earth at the moment of the change at the highest level! She is bringing the wisdom of nature, the connection between the worlds. She is raising her kids-mushrooms to give them to us and they are teaching us to wake up and see our inner child and celebrate Life. Be here and now.


Love always gives! Sacred Mother has always loved us! The Tree of Life is holding a chalice with the Mother’s holy milk, the elixir of Immortality. The roots of the tree are hugging the Mother Goddess and depicting the wisdom of ancestors.Mother is always giving no matter what. Our Mother Earth is giving everything and to everyone. Let’s give her back our love and care. She deserves it!


Goddess of eternal femininity, she is free to deliver and she is free to create! She has never been created, she is a creation, she will never be ended – she is eternity. She is surrounded by gold – a symbol of purity and the highest level of energy. She is an alchemist in each moment of her internal existence!

Femininity is eternal. Its never started and never ended circle! The energy of the cycle, the cycle of energy, water, life, love, ocean, earth, and all other elements are dancing with it. The hair here is representing the flow of information and connection with the whole being and everything that exists. She is always an active element even she is in her inner world. She is always a giver of new life, new ideas, and new inventions. Primordial Femininity.

One of the first big painting I finished after moving to Miami. This painting was breathing in my head and pushing me to help it to come true for some time. I can say that all paintings are very selfish. They need you when they are not finished but the moment you are done they don’t know you! And it’s ok. Continuity of creations.


We have sources within the source. The natural sources remind us of our inner sources! Take care of your inner source by loving yourself, accepting yourself, forgiving yourself, and choosing positive thoughts and actions. Connect your inner source with the highest one and external one because it’s all one universe! 


The feminine principle in all its aspects. Feminine energy is inside and creating her world from inside to outside. The beginning is starting from the seed of manifestation. Each symbol you see here is a different aspect of womanhood. Chalice is the womb, the vessel of life, power, knowledge, realization, creation of miracles. Fish is a symbol of knowledge and Guru. Goddess’s face calm and look inside, neck covered by multiple layers of mysteries and paradoxes. Her hair is antennas, like hands that connect to the universe and magnetizing the energy to create the worlds. Her hair is her snakes that are alive and full of power. She is not hiding and frustrating, she is in inner concentration and creation of the New Earth. She is in her eternity. 


Mushroom Goddess! Gold ink and acrylic on canvas, 36×36” (91,5×91,5cm) 2021

GIVER. Diameter 36”, 91cm. Acrylic, gold leaf, and gold and silver ink on canvas. 2021

ETERNAL FEMININITY. Diameter 36”, 91cm. Acrylic, gold leaf, and gold and silver ink on canvas. 2021

INNER AND ETERNAL SOURCE OF LOVE! Acrylic on canvas, 24×20” (61x51cm), 2021.

THE FEMININE PRINCIPLE. 24×20” (61x51cm), acrylic on canvas, July 2021.