Acrylic on canvas
14×14″ (36×36 cm), 2018.



As with most harmony symbols, you can use the hermaphrodite or androgyne when you are experiencing a block, confusion or conflict. This symbol will pave the way for flow and unity, focus in the presence of distraction, or concentration instead of dispersion. As a symbol, the androgyne is for me both romantic and otherworldly. Romantic because this half-woman/half man is symbolic of twin souls who parted and reunited. We fall in love and instinctively seek out that one perfect mate to be with for life. And otherworldly because our search for that mate is really an echo of a bigger, cosmic goal of uniting with the universe, God, the Tao, or whatever you call that great something from whence we came and to which we will return someday. The idea of oneness, completeness, the unity of the physical and spiritual, of totally opposite worlds, is the main message of androgyny as an alchemical symbol. Androgyne, the man and woman combined, is a symbol of many truths.