Portrait of dream


I started creating paintings that focus on particular tasks and help realize them. These paintings are intended to be wish-fulfilling. Whether you are dreaming of finding your love and opening up your heart to it, building up a healthy relationship, having children, setting up a successful business, regaining your health, or just of being happy, my painting will help you to fulfill your dream. Such a painting has a harmonizing effect on the subconscious. Since the time immemorial, color was used for curing physical and psychological disorders. Combined with visual metaphors and symbols, color produces a powerful effect on us in all aspects of our being.

A Portrait of Your Dream

You are the protagonist of the painting and are found within the field of your intentions and wishes. Color, visual metaphors and symbols provide you with confidence in your dream and its realization.

How does it work?

By communicating with and relating to the painting you create a powerful flow of interaction with your Dream, which in turn creates a powerful flow of focused intention aimed at manifesting your Dream in reality.

We start with discussing your intentions, dreams and wishes. In order to become aware of your goals and aspirations in life, we meet for a talk (it can also be a phone conversation, a call on Skype, or just an exchange of e-mail messages). After that I create a number of sketches and following your inner feelings you choose the one that resonates with you most. Then I start working on the picture.

Painting is a mighty instrument for making your aspirations, intentions and dreams come true.

I am getting many reports from people whose Dream Portraits are fulfilling their bravest dreams just the way they hoped.

The most important thing for me is to see joy, love and harmony filling your life. Your happiness is mine, and mine is yours.

With Love and Light,

Ekaterina Abramova


Elena Aksenova

I met Katya [Ekaterina Abramova] this year in Arambol (Goa, India). She organized an exhibition of her paintings for our group. These were fabulous pictures, which she painted in a very special state of soul, the pictures emanated light and warmth, kindness and wisdom. While looking at them, I had a great desire to touch some of them. When I brought my palm to one of the pictures, I think there was Ganesh in it (a Hindu god of wisdom and prosperity), I felt warmth coming from the painting and a tingling in my palm — the picture was alive. I prayed and asked Ganesh about my current wish, which came true there in Arambol in a few days.

Katya’s interesting story about her pictures, and in particular, about Portrait of Dream produced at once to responses in me — I want such portrait, and I believe in Miracle!

At the moment I had one great wish in my life — to settle my private life, and a great need to love other people.

We met with Katya at her place, where she rented a house with her husband Stass and her delightful children, to discuss the details. At the moment, I was struck by the wisdom of this young woman and her philosophical view of things and situations, which seemed to me just mundane and routine, my behavior in such situations would conform to a standard egotistic feeling “cut everything to one’s own needs.” Katya saw the same situations from completely different perspective; she saw it from the point of view of kindness and love for people. As a result, thanks to her soft and unobtrusive guidance, there came out the image of my dream, that is, a frame of my Portrait of Dream, now to be filled with details. We didn’t rush, for three months after my return to Moscow, reassessing my life, and practicing the experience I got in India from spiritual teachers, I had been molding, sculpturing my dream and conveying it to Katya.

As a result, on July 6, 2014, Portrait of Dream was painted and given to me. I was in the picture, dancing in Love and my family boat, where I was painted with my loved man, which I didn’t have at the moment.

Two months have past… Much has changed in my life, I became different — my pride and significance disappeared, and kindness, tolerance, and love for people took their place. My colleagues can’t help wondering — out of a tough lady in pants I turned into a feminine girl in a dress. All matters that I used to solve by yelling and psychological pressure now are solved calmly, with the help of smile and compromise. My life became easier, more interesting and joyful. Constantly miracles happen in my life, and one of them — I met the man of the Portrait of my Dream, precisely such as I had him in my dreams. We are together now, and there was burn in my heart that radiant love feeling, which I had long been waiting for, and this feeling fills me up so I generously share it with my Man. Thank God that this feeling is mutual.

I express gratitude to Irina Letova who brought me to the amazing artist Katya [Ekaterina] Abramova, and of course to Katya and her husband Stass who gave suggestions while we were working on the details of the Portrait.

Katya’s unbelievable God’s gift to paint such pictures made me happy, and I sure not only me.

Thank you, Katya! I wish you to make as many people happy as possible in your lifetime!

Elena Aksenova

October 21, 2014

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Andrey Smirnov, Director, School of Intellectual Flying AS

Hi Katya!

Thank you))

I am glad to hear from you and from magic India!

In response we are sending you hello from fabulous Russia!

Here’s a story.

When I sent a photo of your painting to the mother of my daughter – Nina,

She said, ‘hey, the girl [in the painting] looks like me, and she also has red hair!)))’

Then there was such a whirlwind…

Now we are together.

I have a family.

Everything turned out magically well.

Came together.

My beloved and my 3-year old daughter are with me again.

Now, while I am writing to you this letter they are cleaning the apartment.

Your picture is in front of me.

But sometimes the Turtle wants some rest, but the daughter wants her.

Then I turn into a turtle for a moment and jump for joy as such, my daughter riding on top of me.

I am grateful to you, Katya. You are a sorceress.

Happy holidays.

Andrey, Nina, Sofi

Good days,

Andrey Smirnov,

Director, School of Intellectual Flying AS