The Indian Touch

It is true that every thought can be displayed in the form of a picture. And such thought provoking pictures transcend all barriers of creativity. Ekaterina Abramova, a Russian ‘modern style’ artist displayed her paintings in an exhibition called ‘Blissful’ at Ishanya Mall recently in the city. Her paintings were a vibrant blend of different themes and mediums,pleasing to the eye of each one who stopped by to admire the works.

A mother of three, Abramova practices painting and graphic arts in mixed technique. She uses oil,acrylic,water colours and never restricts herself to any one medium. “My father,who himself is an artist and a wood carver,inspired me to take to this field,” she says. Stepping into the world of art and creativity,she refined her skills and graduated from the State Academic Institute of Art,Sculpture and Architecture,St Petersburg.

“When I paint, I bring everything that I see,hear,think and understand into the picture. The idea that I have in my mind is that a painting should mesmerise the viewer and should force him to think,” says this Russian artist,who was happy with the response her first exhibition in the city received.

Her paintings have a distinct focus on the man-woman relationship. “I depict the various factors that help in the unification of the body and soul, she says, adding,“ ‘Just like one can’t stop breathing or eating, I can’t stop painting and not a day passes when I don’t dive into my creative den.”’

Most of her paintings were in the category called ‘Tanka – a traditional method of Buddhist painting.’

“I am attracted to the Indian epics and I have depicted this through my paintings of Shri Krishna, Rukmini, Sri Sridevi, Saraswati – the goddess of knowledge, and ‘Amba-Bhagwan,’ she says.

The exhibition came alive with other paintings as well and they beautifully reflected her thoughts while creating them. One displayed an old,sand time-recorder and had two human figures,of which one was clear while the other was blurred. ‘While describing it,’ she said,“ ‘The relationship between people is bound to change as time lapses. Some are closer to one’s heart. The other message that I want to give is that for each one of us,time is limited and it is up to us to decide how to use it wisely.’”

‘Another interesting picture named Rikshaw depicted an overcrowded autorikshaw with the driver struggling to manage the load. “It’s a sarcastic picture highlighting the current condition in a country like India. A single person will not be able to lead and take the entire responsibility of an overcrowded state,”’ she explained.

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