Acrylic on canvas, 21×29” (55×75 cm), 2015



The image of development of the artificial intelligence. The information comes from above, from the limitless divine intelligence through a very thin and delicate channel, and then through human bodies gets re-encoded in digits and crawls downwards, widening the possibilities of the machine and plunging each individual in as closed square prison. The eternal process: the more we get of the pure divine energy, the more we feed it to the machine. The machine becomes more powerful, filling out all the space. Instead of living full earthly experience we watch the digital movie in the empty squares, pushed out of the living quarters into the realm of the mechanical mind. The two kinds of unity: the upper unity of a unified being, and the lower – a perverted copy of the upper where we are chained by the machine, its slaves, the slaves of this mechanical existence. Four heads, four squares – snug cubes instead of human beings, fitting into any cell.