Tree of Life

Acrylic on canvas 30×24” (77×61 cm), 2015



Artificial intelligence copies emanations of everything living; it even copies the Tree of Life. The lines of artificial intelligence also produce its own tree of life, having copied the principle of growth. But it lacks one important part – Life. And this is in the hands of human beings: to get fully integrated in the artificial matrix, or to choose the way of live life by getting out of the influence of the computer intelligence. Any decision involves series consequences.The artificial matrix can copy anything, for its intellect is superior to human brain. It can pretend to be the Tree of Life, the call of the Creator, even the Mother. But it will never be able to become that, for it can’t create or bear fruits. Only by allowing it to become part of us we can give it that chance. But is it worth it? To give it that chance? Will we not turn into machines by doing so? It’s not yet too late to stop and get the gift of Being and the freedom of thought back to ourselves.