Triptych Genesis. Center: Giving Up To God

Acrylic on canvas, 36×30 (91×76 cm), 2016



There’s nowhere to run away from the interminable torment of thoughts that borders on rapture. It overwhelms, there’s no escape. To digest all this — one has to give in. Total surrender, suppressing the will, emptying oneself. Now! It’s easier now. What is this — total capitulation? Or, is it trust in life, in the creative powers around me? I breathed in and swallowed the elements of the worlds. From the center of the planet, from her bosom there springs the wisdom of beauty. The spiral unwinds the breath. The Goddess is gestating the creation created through her. I gestate the new, put through me by God. I surrendered, take me and create. I gave in as a person, a woman, and as an artist. I am giving in to your hands. My heart is a palette full of color, my flowers — my brushes. The fishes that became my legs eat themselves in the cycle of life and death. All-seeing and looking everywhere, inside and out, Goddess opened up, — she, who learned everything and knows nothing, is at the same time new and old as the Moon. Pain through me, speak through me, create! Take me and teach me to give everything to you. I, by myself, is nothing without you! And with you — I am everything. I am free, and the power is in me.