Triptych Genesis. Right: The Goddess Exhales

Acrylic on canvas, 36×24 (91×61 cm), 2016



Calm, tired, contemplating, breathing out Goddess. Creating new forms and lives, new colors of the worlds. Hold my tools for balance. I am a funambulist walking the thin line of reality and fantasy. I hold brushes in my mouth, and they hold me on the razor’s edge of being. You learned how to inhale fragments and deliver them as a whole put together. You who delivered all the lives, who knows the and non-matter, you non-existent and eternal, — now breathe! With you, I am the Channel coming from you. You taught me love, taught me to trust, to give and surrender. You taught me to die in order to give birth. She and I are one, inseparable. From our womb there pour the streams of all the seas and oceans. The oceans of eternity, life and light fill the world. Everything breathes freely. God breathes through our creations.